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Alopecia post transplant

AliEm14Transplant Patient
September 15, 2021 in General

After my transplant surgery I developed alopecia (hair loss). I found its actually quite common, ranging from thinning hair to losing it all and going bald. I ended up losing quite a lot of hair, and now wear extensions and wigs regularly. My hair is slowly growing back in - an entirely different color and texture than before!

This month is alopecia awareness month and I'm partnering with a local boutique in my area for their more than her hair alopecia awareness campaign. When i first lost my hair it was a huge deal. it was one of my worst fears going into transplant. Now I'm far more confident, and love my fake hair. Crazy colors, lengths, it's all a fun part of my self expression.

If you lost your hair due to transplant, what toll did it take on your self esteem and how did you begin practicing self acceptance and expression

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  • PoisonRose21Transplant Patient


    I started to loose my hair as well a little over a month post transplant. Reminder: I'm only 3 months post presently. It has definitely been giving my esteem a hit. I can tell my hair is thinner and is coming out more. I was told this was a potential side effect of the Tacrolimus, particularly for women... I won't change to the cyclosporine due to that drugs alternative side effect.

    I had read that using a moisturizing shampoo can weigh down hair and make it easier to come out! (That was what I was using! I O.o )

    I'm not getting a wig or anything yet. I'm giving a new shampoo a try. It's supposed to help thicken and volumize the strands to help hair look thicker. If that fails I would try a wig.

    September 19, 2021
  • AliEm14Transplant Patient

    @PoisonRose21 yes, it’s a huge side effect of tacrolimus. I change up my hair so often a wig wasn’t a huge change for me, and actually gave me more freedom to play with my hair. But everyone is different. And regardless how you think you’d deal with it you never know. It was a huge hit to my self esteem in the beginning, and it took a while to really embrace it

    September 20, 2021
  • AviTransplant Patient

    I found that before transplant because of chemo and radiation my hair got very thin and started using Vigro hair shampoo and also product called Hair Grow shampoo (not sure if available in other countries) which definitely helped with regrowth. For the last couple of months I have taken hydrolised collagen and definitely! see a huge decrease in amount of hair loss, as well as better muscle recover from excercise and skin not being so dry.

    September 21, 2021
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