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JeanmarieTransplant Patient
Updated August 28, 2023 in Kidney

I was reading this article this morning. It is wild to think we could use pig kidneys in humans. How many of you would consider this? As the wait lists get longer this might be the next best option.


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  • TServoldTransplant Patient

    I want to see more on this. I think it is very exciting. Once we have more data on it, I might consider it. I think about when I was diagnosed with T1D and they said that people used to use pig insulin to manage, and while this is different; its kind of the same.

    August 29, 2023
  • JeanmarieTransplant Patient

    Oh wow, that is interesting about the insulin. I did not know that. Very cool. I thought it was very promising when the article said that the pig kidney behaved more like a living donor kidney than a deceased donor kidney. The potential to save so many lives is incredible.

    August 30, 2023
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