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dialysis and traveling

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September 6, 2023 in Kidney

I have a friend living with my family who is on home hemodialysis 4 days a week. We have talked about traveling for day trips and possible short overnight trips, but are concerned about interrupting our dialysis schedule. The dialysis center said the equipment can travel with us should we want to go for longer trips, but it seems overwhelming to think about taking everything along for a trip and worrying about something going wrong or forgetting something. Does anyone here travel with their home hemodialysis equipment? Is it worth it or is it better to find a clinic that can schedule a chair instead of taking our own equipment?


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  • sunshinegirlTransplant Patient

    Hi there - I traveled about 3 years ago on hemodialysis from New York to Florida. My dialysis center was able to coordinate with a facility in Florida and kept me on the same schedule. As for traveling with equipment, that is something you would have to schedule ahead of time if you are flying with the airlines. Hope this helps. Blessings ☀️🍀💖

    September 11, 2023
  • VegasrailsTransplant Patient

    I have never been on home hemodialysis, one of my major concerns for choosing a center was my concern of making a mistake by myself (my confidence has since then improved). Whenever I traveled, at least every other month. I scheduled it through my Dialysis center. Which made my trips more relaxing since I had a contact point wherever I went in case of issues. Which has occurred a couple of times over the years.

    September 12, 2023
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