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Morlie822Transplant Patient
November 1, 2021 in Kidney

Hello. My name is Mike.

I've been on hemodialysis since Aug, 2018. I've been doing home hemodialysis for 11 months with my wife as my dialysis partner and love it.

My wife Kathy has been approved as a donor for a paired exchange. Her blood type is A+ and I'm an O+ blood type.

Essentially I'm reaching out to anyone needing an A+ kidney who has an O+ donor lined up to do a swap.

We live in Minnesota in a northern suburb of Minneapolis/St. Paul. My hospital of preference is Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis.

Let's do an exchange!!

I'm 62 and want to get on with life. What's one more surgery after 23 others, including a heart transplant and surviving (barely) on a TOTAL ARTIFICIAL HEART for 3 months while hospitalized for 10 months in cardiac ICU.

I'm ready. Are you!!!

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  • AliEm14Expert
    Transplant Patient

    I wish I had a kidney to give you! You are amazing, and your positive outlook on life is incredible. I am so amazed at your story and how far you've come. A true example of strength, and an inspiration to us all.

    I really hope your kidney comes soon. If anyone is ready, you are! Cheering you on all the way

    November 1, 2021
  • brookegurradExpert
    Transplant Patient

    I wish I had a kidney to give!

    Do you have a social media account or website that I could share from my platform?

    November 1, 2021
  • ChefAmandaTransplant Patient

    I’m on the list for a heart and kidney as well. I understand wanting to get on with life. Sending positive vibes you get your kidney soon!

    November 3, 2021
  • KidneyhelpTransplant Patient

    I just finished my testing last week and I’m A+.I have a friend also named Mike and is willing to donate to me.I don’t even know how to get him tested and my team coordinator isn’t helping at all.My insurance care team is going to help me get some answers tomorrow.I’m in Bradenton Florida and had all my testing done at largo transplant institute. I’m new to this forum type of thing.Not sure if I can leave my phone or email to get back in touch.I’ll repost tomorrow after I get some answers.I also have a 32 year old son that has offered also.Hopefully we can work out a way to save 2 lives.

    November 3, 2021
  • LeAnnTransplant Patient

    I am also in need of a kidney (from a living donor). I'm in Cedar Falls, IA, and I am AB blood type.

    Hopefully, we can all find what we need.

    December 30, 2021
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